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How To Book Appointment

There are number of different ways of booking an appointment or making a general enquiry.

Online Booking Via our Clinic Office Diary
Call Us
Make an Enquiry About Treatment
Not Sure What You Want? Just Want To Ask A Quick Question?


 Bookings can be made for appointments in Glasgow and Newton Mearns. Other clinics will come on-line when ready.

NOTE: If not already registered you will have to register an account – failure to do so means a booking cannot be made. 


  • DO NOT use someone else’s PayPal account – it may mean your booking will not be processed. Always use your own personal account.
  • Always allow the PayPal screen to refresh to the confirmation page. If you do not do this you may have paid but not booked!
  • You have a clinic assigned to you already – you can only book an appointment at the clinic where you already attend, if you already have attended us in the past.
  • Already attended but can’t get logged on? – we need your email address on our clinic records, and you need to enter your email address with no capital letters. If you are having problems with the online booking process, please email us with the difficulties you’re having and we will try and help 

You can book the following appointment types;

La Belle Forme GLASGOW


Surgeon Consultations
There is a fee of £100.00 for Surgeon consultations.

Nurse Consultations
There is a fee of £25.00 for Nurse consultations


You can book all non-surgical treatments such as wrinkle treatment, HydraFacials, dermal fillers etc.


You can book nurse consultations for dermal fillers, hair treatments and beauty therapy

Note that some of the treatments may require a nurse or  therapist consultation. The fee for this is £25.00 and is refundable against your selected treatment. 

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