Breast Augmentation Surgery

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Breast augmentation usually involves the insertion of an implant into the chest wall to enhance the size of the breasts. The majority of women who have breast implants have round implants, and our cost for round implants is £3650. This includes a lifetime warranty against implant defects from Nagor, five years' cover against grade III or IV capsular contracture and a one year warranty against complications. So, most women who come to La Belle Forme for their breast implant surgery pay £3650 for breast implants. The prices are set in conjunction with the Hospital and the Clinic and are subject to change.

We provide a comprehensive service to all the women who come and see us to consider breast implants. We don't push you into a decision, and we offer you information from which you can make an informed decision. Our consultation fee of £100 covers you for as many consultations as you need to make sure you are completely ready to proceed with a life changing decision.

Your Choice

Breast implants are inserted into a pocket either below the breast tissue or below the pectoral muscle, or in some cases partially under each.

Breast implants may be round or anatomically shaped; their surface may be smooth or textured; the contents may be silicone or saline, and there are advantages and disadvantages with each option.

Some breast implants are more expensive than others; if you are looking for state-of-the-art breast implant surgery or simply the most cost effective solution and the best value for money, we can find a product to suit you.

All of the breast implants we use come with a warranty of at least one year. For our £3499 package with Nagor Impleo implants the price includes a five year warranty from Nagor for capsular contracture and the Glasgow Nuffield Hospital through us. Only the Nagor Impleo implants have a five year aftercare package against capsular contraction with them.

Other implants (eg the teardrop McGhan 410 implants) have different warranties and aftercare policies.

Consultation fees are not included in this price, and each time you see the surgeon we ask for a fee. Our current fees and prices are listed at our prices page. For more information on breast implants, please come in and see us, or contact us.

Our Warranty

Our warranty for breast augmentation means that if you have grade III capsular contracture within five years and we can help try and solve that problem, you will not have to pay for that operation. We cover complications for one year as well. If we cannot solve the problem or if you are concerned about something that is going to happen again if we do another operation then we would not normally perform another operation. For example, we do cover capsular contracture, infections, blood clots, abnormal scarring, unexpected considerable asymmetry, wound problems and implant rupture. We do not cover things that always happen after breast implants, such as being able to feel the edge of the implant, nipple drooping, skin sagging, breast drooping, prominent veins, natural changes with time/pregnancy/weight changes, shape changes, and stretch marks. Further treatment for these conditions may be possible but there is a financial implication when having breast surgery. If you have a problem and we can try and fix it for you, we'll do our very best. However, some things cannot be fixed but we'll always be very happy to see you for a consultation and talk about the pros and cons of additional surgery. Please be aware that there are consultation fees with the plastic surgeon at La Belle Forme (not at the Ross Hall Hospital for follow-up consultations, which are free). Sometimes we will ask you to cover the costs of the implants themselves, if the manufacturers are unwilling to give us a free fresh set of implants. Lastly, the financial agreement is with the hospital and we ask them on your behalf to eliminate fees.

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Post-Surgical Garments

You will need to wear a post-surgical bra after surgery to make sure the implants are properly supported.

We usually recommend wearing a bra for six weeks after surgery, and we recommend the Macom range of post-surgical garments.

The Macom range of garments are specifically designed for wearing after surgery.

“I was highly embarrassed by all this, however the surgeon was very decent about the whole situation, and very honest… I’m a pretty strong person, but the fact I obviously had to show him my boobs made me feel emotional, but he took this in his stride, and by the end of the meeting I felt pretty ok about it all.”
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