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Cheekbone Enlargement

cheek_implantsCheeks are usually augmented by inserting an implant on top of the cheek bone. This is usually done with an incision through the mouth and the implant is placed between the bone and the rest of the tissues of the face. There is swelling and bruising for a few weeks after the operation and you require an overnight stay in hospital.

The main risks are with infection, implant migration and extrusion. Cheeks may also be enhanced with injections of hyaluronic acid (fillers) into the cheekbone region or with fat transfers. Implants may get infected, move around or cause changes in sensation around your cheeks, injections are not permanent but are very safe and fat transfers are your own body’s implants but some of the fat that is transferred gets absorbed by your body so we have to overfill the area and try and predict how much your body will absorb.

Non-surgical treatment of cheeks and chins for enlargement is performed using HA (hyaluronic acid) injections. There are different types of HA injections available for this type of use – thin, medium and thick fillers. Thin fillers are used for lines and grooves around the face (particularly the lips, the nose to mouth lines and the mouth to chin lines). Very thick fillers (Macrolane) are used for body contouring.

For chin and cheek enlargement we prefer to use one of two fillers – Restylane® SubQ or Voluma® by Allergan. These injections are given through the mouth to fill the deficit in the cheek or chin region. The injections can be built up gradually so that a subtle but long lasting effect is achieved.