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Male Chest Enlargement

We can increase the size of your chest if you’re a man (as well as if you’re a woman!). In male chest enlargement we sometimes want a very natural looking result and sometimes we’re looking for an enhanced result.

In either case we can offer you treatment to improve your chest size. Your options are with Macrolane and with custom made implants. Macrolane is a one hour procedure performed under local anaesthetic – you are in hospital for about an hour or two and you are awake during the whole process. With custom made implants, we mould the implant to the size and shape you need, we have them made and when they arrive we book you in for surgery. Surgery involves an overnight stay and a general anaesthetic, but is a more permanent option than Macrolane which needs to be topped up every year.

An example of Macrolane male chest enlargement is shown below.

Male Chest Enlargement La Belle Forme