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Good Surgeon Guide Reviews


These genuine customer reviews of surgery at La Belle Forme have been taken from the Good Surgeon Guide website.

Mr Shoaib introduced himself to PIP victims in Scotland through our campaign group.Dr Taimur Shoaib He has been a constant source of professional advice and support, even hosting a PIP information evening for members.

I chose to have my surgery with Mr Shoaib as I felt very much informed of both my options with PIP implants removal or possible risks to not remove them. Also very much on breast surgery risks and complications.

I had plenty time in all consultations and although I asked the most trivial questions, he never rushed me or made me feel silly. I left with a huge smile and looking forward to surgery. I believed he was the best possible choice of surgeon, highly qualified and I trusted him completely.

My surgery was very relaxed and Mr Shoaib, theatre staff and the nursing team were very attentive afterwards. I received top class care at the hospital and never felt a bother to staff anytime day or night. Mr Shoaib visited afterwards to check on me and explained fully about post-operation risks and gave advice about healing and returning to work. I am very, very pleased with the outcome of my surgery and the top class surgical experience of Mr Shoaib.

I healed quickly, no complications and scars are of very neat and tidy appearance.
I am very pleased Mr Shoaib came into my life through the PIP campaign, I look to him as not only a wonderful surgeon but a good friend made and a constant source of support and advice in this terrible time I and other PIP victims have found themselves in.

Trishapipscotland, 12/11/2012.

Absolutely thrilled with the treatment plan and result I have received at La Belle Forme.

I chose Mr Taimur Shoaib to carry out my Rhinoplasty, after having researched and contemplated having a Rhinoplasty for several years.

From the consultation I received to the procedure itself, along with the aftercare provided by Mr Shoaib and his team, I am so happy with the result. I will definitely be a regular patient at La Belle Forme, and thoroughly recommend this clinic and Surgeon.

Claire, 25/7/2013.

The consultation was informative and really helped me decide on the procedure needed to obtain the results I desired. Mr Shoaib was excellent throughout.

The surgery was straight forward and could not have gone any better. My recovery was quick and non eventful and the results are amazing. I am so delighted with my surgery.

All the staff I dealt with were excellent, very helpful and efficient. Overall the experience was fantastic!

Ailisspiller, 15/06/2013.