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Facelift in Brentwood, Essex

If you are looking for a specialist who performs facelift in Essex, our award-winning team at La Belle Forme Brentwood will be your best choice.

A facelift is a common cosmetic procedure in the UK for people who want to achieve a younger, fresh look despite signs of aging starting to appear on their faces. Most people are aiming for a natural, rejuvenated look with the removal of some of their wrinkles, loose skin and brown spots. These normally appear around the eyes, jaw line and mouth first.

We offer an Essex facelift procedure at our Brentwood clinic

There are many different types of facelifts, depending on the individual problem areas of each person. These can include different parts of the upper, middle or lower face and can result in different treatments based on what we need to do with the skin and the underlying tissues (fat pockets and muscles). At the same time, many people will opt to go for an eyelid surgery as well to achieve an overall fresher look of their face.

With so many various goals and options available, it is necessary to have a medical consultation with a plastic surgeon who will guide you through the process by asking questions and explain the treatments available based on your answers.

Once we reach the age of around 40, the skin and tissues of the face will start losing some of their elasticity, become thinner and wrinkles start appearing. The three main affected areas are the upper face (eyebrow, eyelids, and forehead), the mid face (around the cheeks) and the lower face (around the mouth, jawline, and neck)

The consultation gives us the chance to examine your problem areas, discuss treatment options and come up with an individualized treatment for you.

Benefits of a facelift

The vast majority of patients are happy with the results they get from our Essex facelift procedure. You should have a younger, fresher look which often results in increased confidence and self-esteem. You can confidently wear clothes exposing your neck, there will be no need to hide it anymore if you have had problems with this area before. It will also be easier and faster to apply makeup.

What to expect?

You and your cosmetic surgeon will decide on the best procedures for you during your consultation. Your surgeon may suggest that you stop smoking before the surgery to aid the healing process.

In a conventional facelift, your doctor will make skin incisions into the hair line, along the line between your ears and cheek, and behind the ears. This ensures that the incisions can be easily hidden in the hair and in the natural crease lines. Your surgeon will partially lift the skin and tighten the muscles underneath. During this process, excess fat can also be removed or injected into the cheeks to provide fullness as needed. Once the underlying layers are tightened, your doctor will trim any excess skin that is redundant. If you have agreed on any additional procedures – such as eyelid surgery – it will also be performed this time.

The end result will be a fresh, younger looking face and you will feel rejuvenated once the healing is complete.


During the first few days after your surgery, your face will be swollen and bruised. The amount of the swelling depends on the exact type of the procedure performed.

In most cases, you will be ready to go out in about 2 weeks after a mini facelift and around 3-6 weeks after most other facelifts. Naturally, our Brentwood team will be at your service if you need any help after your Essex facelift procedure.

To make a reservation call our Brentwood Clinic at 01277 214827 or use our enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.