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faceliftA facelift is a procedure to rejuvenate the face and give the person a younger fresher look. In the UK, we often want a result which will remove many of our wrinkles but, at the same time, avoid the windswept Hollywood look. Most people are looking for a natural and freshened look, rather than an extreme tightening of the face.

There are several different types of facelift and each varies according to what we do with the skin, and what we do with the underlying tissues (mainly the underlying muscles and fat pockets). In addition, the facelifts we do vary in the parts of the face they address – the upper, middle or lower face (including the neck). At the same time, many people ask for their eyelids to look a little younger too (removing some of the hooding and bagginess), to make the eyes look less tired.
With so many variations and requests available, the consultation is paramount in determining your wishes and relating these to your particular features. At your consultation, we will discuss the right facelift for you and also talk about any additional treatments that will be of help. We will individualise your treatment to your face and your requirements.

From the age of around 40 onwards, the tissues of the face start showing signs of ageing. The main changes that we see in the ageing face can be considered in three main areas – the upper face, the mid face and the lower face. The upper face is located around the eyebrow and forehead region, the mid face around the cheeks and the lower face around the jaw line and neck. The skin also changes and becomes thinner, less elastic, develops age spots and we start to see wrinkles.

“I had a facelift, fillers and chemical peel at Nuffield Hospital. On my first consultation Mr Shoaib asked what result I was looking for and advised me accordingly about what cosmetic procedures I would require…

The booking for my cosmetic surgery was very straightforward and then I had a follow-up a week prior to surgery. On the day of my surgery Mr Shoaib again explained in detail what he would be doing.

The aftercare was superb and Mr Shoaib was very attentive on the days following my surgery and also my visit a week later. Obviously, I am still going through the healing process but the difference is remarkable.

I would recommend anyone thinking of having cosmetic surgery to have a consultation with Mr Shoaib.”

B, 1/11/2011, writing on So Feminine,

There are two types of wrinkles – dynamic and static wrinkles. Dynamic wrinkles only appear when the facial muscles are being animated and static lines are present even at rest. The appearance of wrinkles first begins with dynamic lines, and these are often treated with botulinum toxins. Static lines, on the other hand, are sometimes best treated with fillers, such as those containing hyaluronic acid. For deep wrinkles that are present all the time, skin and muscle tightening procedures are sometimes the best treatment.

We see ageing changes in all three areas of the face (upper, middle and lower). We see descent of the soft tissues, loss of youthful fat, stretching of skin and the appearance of lines and wrinkles. In the upper face, the signs of ageing are seen with drooping of the eyebrows, the appearance of wrinkles in the forehead and between the eyebrows and in men there is loss of hair with male pattern baldness developing.

In the mid-face, we see descent of the fat in the upper part of the cheek, loss of some of the youthful fat around the eyes, the appearance of creases between the nose and lips, bulging of fat and stretching of skin around the eyelids. In the lower face, we see the appearance of jowls around the jaw line, the appearance of a double chin, prominent neck lines, fine lines around the mouth, thinner lips and neck muscles that have weakened and stretched. In fact, in all three areas, the muscles weaken and stretch and this is reflected in the overlying skin.

To rejuvenate the face, we need to address all these issues. Because everyone has different degrees of expression of the different effects of ageing, rejuvenating the face is a complex and unique procedure for each person considering it.

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