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Facial Plastic Surgery

facial_plastic_surgeryFacial plastic surgery consists of two types – facial rejuvenation and facial normalisation, or reshaping.

Rejuvenation surgery includes facelifts, eyebag removal and fat transfers.

You can divide the face into thirds – the upper third, middle third and lower third. The upper third consists of the eyelids and eyebrows. The middle third consists of the cheek fat just under the eyelids and the line between the nose and mouth. The lower third consists of the jawline, jowl region, the chin and under chin region (called the submental region).

For the upper third, we often consider brow lifts and botox, for the the middle third we often consider fat grafts and for the lower third we often consider a facelift, and submental liposuction.

Reshaping surgery includes rhinoplasty, prominent ear correction and facial reshaping of the cheeks and chin.
Eyebag removal
Brow lifts
Fat transfers
Neck lifts

Nose reshaping
Prominent ear correction
Cheek enhancement
Cheek reduction
Chin surgery
Split earlobe repair
Lip implants

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