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Coleman Fat Grafts

faceliftFat which has been gently sucked out of one area may be reinjected into another area, in a procedure called Coleman Fat Transfer. This is sometimes done in a volumetric facelift in which the face is rejuvenated using a combination of skin and muscle tightening and lifting, as well as restoring some of the youthful fullness in various parts of the face. This type of liposculpture may also be performed for a variety of reconstructive procedures and occasionally for lip enhancement.

In some people, there has been a loss of fat, either as a result of facial ageing or from another disease process (sometimes lipodystrophy). In these cases, the area lacking in fullness may benefit from fat transfers where a small amount of fat is removed from one area and injected into the other area.

Although fat grafts are permanent, some of the fat is reabsorbed by the body, which means we have to overcorrect the defect by a small amount. The exact amount of fat that will dissolve cannot be accurately predicted but is around one-third to two-thirds.

Risks of the procedure include: infection, bruising, swelling, initial firmness of the transferred fat, overcorrection, undercorrection, the need for more than one treatment, resorption or necrosis of the fat transferred. Because the body will absorb some of the fat transferred, it is important to realise that the final result is not seen for several months after the procedure.