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Microblading is similar to micropigmentation also known as ‘eyebrow tattooing’, however, it uses a different technique than the latter.

The resulting eyebrows look relatively similar but there are subtle differences. Microblading may not be suitable for all skin types.
We discuss the options at your consultation after which you can agree the correct treatment for you.

At La Belle Forme Glasgow we offer both -you can choose according to your needs and preferences. Micropigmentation can also be use to do more a powder or ombré eyebrow, eyeliner lips and scar camouflage.

So what’s the difference between Eyebrow Tattoos and Microblading?

Micropigmentation is performed with a digital machine. In essence it is just like an ordinary tattoo – albeit one done with a finer line and , some may argue, a greater degree of skill.

Microblading delivers a very fine hair strokes using a a hand tool and the pigment is not placed as deep as with micropigmentation. This technique provides an almost perfect simulation of natural hair.

Microblading is an excellent treatment for those that may have had health conditions such as alopecia. the images of our patient shown here demonstrates the remarkable difference that Microblading can make. We believe that Microblading is a lovely and gentle treatment suitable for all clients that want a natural look.

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Before and After Microblading

Drag slider left and right to see the before and after effect.