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Permanent Makeup and Micropigmentation

For those of us looking to add definition to our lips or eyes micropigmentation – also known as permanent or semi-permanent makeup – essentially tattooing, could offer a perfect solution.Micropigmentation

Micropigmentation involves the use of very fine tattooing needles to apply pigment into the skin. The pigment is always custom blended to match the desired colour and can by used for various cosmetic and medical enhancements. Due to natural mild fading after treatment clients sometimes requires a couple of treatments before the colour match gives a lasting result.

Cosmetic micropigmentation can be used to enhance faint eyebrows, thicken eyelashes or give definition and colour to the lips. Applied correctly you may never need to use an eye pencil or wear lipstick again

Before and After Micropigmentation

Use the slider to compare before and after photographs.

The eyebrow after micropigmentation (eyebrow tattooing) is much fuller and neater.

For more information on how cosmetic micropigmentation can help enhance your natural features watch the videos below

Medical micropigmentation can be used for reconstruction purposes to improve the appearance of scars or burns and to camouflage skin grafts. Micropigmentation can also be used to further tattoo alteration after laser treatment is complete or to darken the areola after breast augmentation where the areola can sometimes lose its roundness or may be too light

For more information on the medical micropigmentation services we offer see the video below




Prices For Micropigmentation

Booking Fee£50
Eyebrows Hairstroke£350
Eyebrow Enhancement£275
Eyelash Upper and Lower£320
Subtle Lashes Definer£250
Lip Liner£295
Lip Blush£320
Beauty Mark£80
Colourboost (12-18 months after initial treatment)£75 -£195
Medical Micropigmentation - Scar, Burn and Skin Graft Camouflage (dependent on treatment area)from £150
Areola and Nipple Restoration (per areola)£195