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Non-Surgical Treatments

Non-surgical treatments at our cosmetic surgery clinic include facelifts without surgery, non-surgical nose jobs, wrinkle reduction and anti-wrinkle treatments, dermal fillers to restore lost volume and lip enhancement. For breast enhancement or breast enlargement without surgery using prescription drugs, you can choose from Juvederm® or Restylane® filler injections. You can also receive a variety of different laser therapy treatments for veins, acne scarring, skin revitalisation and hair removal. In addition, you are able to choose from the latest in cosmetic dentistry, stretch mark reduction, sweat reduction, fat reduction under local anaesthetic and medical micropigmentation.

When you come and see us at La Belle Forme, you are coming to see us for a consultation. We don’t believe in selling you Botox® or pushing Juvederm®. What we do believe in is seeing you, making a full assessment of your concerns with a close examination of the problem areas. We can then discuss options with you and together come up with a treatment plan. Your treatments are led by our consultant plastic surgeon and delivered by your plastic surgeon, your cosmetic nurse and your therapy specialist.


At La Belle Forme you won’t get just the standard treatments for wrinkles, you’ll get a consultation with a consultant plastic surgeon when you want your wrinkles treated. Please book an appointment with our nurse and a surgeon will see you before your treatment. Watch a video here.


For the ultimate solution to fuller lips we have Juvederm® Smile available for you. Let us know if you would like a subtle increase in volume or a more noticeable fullness and we will do out best to make sure you have the lips you want.

NonSurgicalMain-1Lines Around the Mouth

For nose-to-mouth lines (nasolabial lines) and mouth-to-chin lines (marionette lines) you can opt for Juvederm® Ultra, with inbuilt local anaesthetic.



Vaser is the newest way of eliminating fat, without a hospital stay. It is designed specifically for selective treatment and permanent removal of fat without damaging surrounding tissues, which makes it a more gentle procedure compared to traditional liposuction. Vaser can target the abdomen, flanks and thighs, or what are more familiarly known as the pot belly, love handles and saddlebags, as well as areas such as the neck, chest and arms.


facial_aestheticsNon-Surgical Facelifts

You can choose from various different kinds of non-surgical facelifts, including the needle-free Vampire Facelift, pioneered by La Belle Forme’s consultant plastic surgeon, Mr Taimur Shoaib. Other options include: Laser facelift – for skin revitalisation and tightening; Volumising facelift – lifts the midface cheek region, restoring youthful volume; Botox® facelift – for a non-surgical lower and upper facelift, reversing some of the effects of gravity on the brows and jawline; or Combination facelift – the ultimate in non-surgical treatments, restoring volume, skin freshness and lifting the jawline.


You can now enjoy a wide range of laser treatments using some of the world’s most advanced lasers, including laser hair removal, facelifts, skin resurfacing and vein removal procedures.



NonSurgicalMain-8Sweat Reduction

If you suffer from excessive sweating in the armpits or hands you can have this reduced with treatments delivered at our clinic. Please enquire for more information.



Get the latest Dermaroller treatments for acne scarring, wrinkle removal, stretch marks, fine lines and skin regeneration.


NonSurgicalMain-10Non-Surgical Nose Jobs

Please contact us if you would like information on non-surgical nose job options.


NonSurgicalMain-11Skin Peels

Chemical peels can play a vital role in exfoliating the skin and making you feel fresh and revitalised.




For both cosmetic and reconstructive treatments, you can consider micropigmentation treatments that deliver lip blushing and lining, eyelash enhancement, nipple darkening, scar improvement and tattoo fading. More…

More detailed information about our non-surgical treatments is available on each treatments’ details page. You can find current costs of cosmetic treatments on our prices page, or you can contact us for more information on any non-surgical procedures we currently offer.


“Really loved the treatment. All the staff were wonderfully friendly and made you feel very welcome and at ease. Would highly recommend and I’m already planning my next visit.”

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