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Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Laser Hair Removal Glasgow

Laser Hair Removal Treatments
Our laser hair removal treatments will give you the confidence boost you deserve, with a minimum of discomfort. The Soprano Ice and Harmony XL lasers are the best lasers of their kind, able to deliver permanent hair reduction to people of all skin types. Laser hair removal therapy is now quicker than ever before. Make constant plucking, shaving and waxing a thing of the past, and say hello to smooth, silky skin.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

The lasers work by gently heating the hair follicle in the subdermal layer of skin using pulses of infrared diode laser energy to the point where regrowth of hair is prevented, lasers include cooling heads to prevent your skin from getting too hot and causing pain.

The laser is in constant motion, which helps reduce treatment times and discomfort is minimised. Those who have tried our laser hair removal treatments say that the procedure is virtually painless, even reporting that that it felt like a ‘warm massage’.

Soprano Ice and Harmony XL lasers are very effective when it comes to permanently reducing unwanted and unsightly hair, and online discussion boards are full of glowing reports about the amazing results achieved. Especially important is the fact that you will not need any recovery time after treatments, you’ll be able to return to your day-to-day life immediately.

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

Once the hair follicle is damaged permanently, it cannot grow any new hair, but there is the possibility that follicles that escape the laser during treatment will need to be retreated.

With most patients we find that eight treatments are often enough to remove virtually all hair on the body. Facial treatments may take a little longer.

The Soprano Ice and Harmony XL lasers have made thousands of patients across the world happy to be hair-free. With laser hair removal treatments at La Belle Forme, that unwanted hair you hate could finally be a thing of the past.

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Below you will find two short videos to watch. The first one shows a laser hair removal treatment at La Belle Forme in Glasgow, and the second one explains how laser hair removal works.