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Microneedling, or Dermaroller, as it is often known, is a treatment which is used to repair or revitalize damaged skin. This is achieved by stimulating growth in two essential proteins vital for your skin – collagen and elastin.

Microneedling helps boost levels of collagen and elastin without damaging your skin.
Another advantage of Microneedling is that it allows your skincare products to be absorbed easily into the body via the skin. This is occasionally used in the treatment of hair loss therapy and cellulite reduction.

In addition to Dermaroller, Microneedling is also referred to as ‘collagen induction therapy’and ‘skin rolling’.

The Microneedling Device

Microneedling is performed usinga hand held device which has a rolling action when applied to the skin. The roller contains 192 micro-needles which penetrate the outer layer of skin, this is usually painless though a topical cream can be used if required.
The aim is to access the epidermis without causing any damage to that layer of skin.
The length of micro-needles varies. Starting at 0.5 millimetre sized needles these increase by 1 millimetre each time through to through to 2.5 millimetres sizes.
DermarollerYour La Belle Forme therapist will choose thesize of micro-needles best suited to you. This will depend upon your skin condition and area of the body you will use the dermaroller on.
It is common to use smaller micro-needles for facial treatments. Larger needles are better suited to the body as this is less sensitive than the face. Your therapist will advise you taking into account your needs and condition.
Once the pores of the skin have been penetrated by the needles, they are fully able to absorb creams, gels or lotions as part of a post treatment skincare routine. Some redness in the skin is to be expected which may last a couple of days.

Best results will not be visible immediately – remember the skin has to repair itself!