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PermaLip Implants

PermalipWhen you want lip plumping treatments you have a few different options to choose from. You can have lip plumping injections with lip fillers such as Juvederm® and Restylane®, you can have fat graft injections, or you can go for PermaLip™ lip implants. PermaLip™ is a permanent, solid silicone implant and, in skilled hands, is straightforward to insert and to remove. The size of the implant is chosen to correspond to the size of the lips, and you can choose from small, medium and large sizes to insert.

For more information about lip fillers, please visit our Lip Plumping Injections page, where you will find detailed information about the latest treatments available.

Lip enhancement techniques may be separated into two kinds – temporary and permanent. Temporary techniques require the use of injectable fillers used for lip plumping injections every six to nine months, and at La Belle Forme we have extensive experience of lip fillers using modern, safe hyaluronic acids such as Juvederm® Smile and Restylane® Lipp. Permanent techniques generally involve the use of injectable gel fat or implants.

PermaLip™ is now available in Scotland at the La Belle Forme clinic in Glasgow, through Mr Shoaib, the only plastic surgeon in Scotland who offers this procedure.

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The PermaLip™ procedure can be performed under local anaesthetic and involves placing a small incision at the corner of the mouth, sliding the implant into position and placing a stitch into the incision. The procedure is performed using sterile techniques and takes about an hour to perform.


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Can the PermaLip™ implant leak or rupture?