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Obagi Medical Acne treatment at La Belle Forme

What is a typical acne treatment plan?

At the initial consultation with our cosmetic practitioner, you will have a skin patch test, and your acne treatment plan will be discussed with you. Depending on the type and severity of your acne, you will be offered a treatment plan for mild, moderate or severe acne.

Your acne treatment could include;

  • Obagi
  • laser therapy with Harmony XL lasers
  • chemical peels
  • skincare products

Every procedure will be properly explained, and you will be able to ask any questions you may have about the acne treatment plan.

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Will laser remove acne scars?

If laser therapy is recommended, you can rest assured that La Belle Forme is equipped with the very latest in laser technology to resurface your skin. Harmony XL lasers are among the most advanced in the world, and the Harmony XL Laser 360iQ treatment is ideally suited to eliminating acne scars. The results are often noticeable even after a single laser treatment. Combining the benefits of superior technology, including the revolutionary new iPixel laser, and faster healing times than many other treatments, laser therapy stimulates collagen production and improves skin tone and texture in treatments that usually take less than 30 minutes per session.

Do chemical peels work for acne scarring?

Another option might be chemical peels; a treatment solution that removes the top layer of dead skin cells and some of the living skin cells at the very top of your skin. There are several different types of chemical peels, but all work by removing the top layers of skin to reveal the healthy new skin underneath.

There are three different levels of intensity when it comes to chemical peels – superficial, intermediate and deep. Deeper peels will take longer to recover from but will deliver more dramatic results. Generally speaking, chemical peels are best used for mild to moderate acne scarring problems and are often used in conjunction with other treatments as part of an overall package of facial rejuvenation.

Is Dermaroller effective?

The third option is Dermaroller treatments, taking place over hour-long sessions in the clinic, and performed using a local anaesthetic cream. Although there are home Dermaroller kits, staff at La Belle Forme use a medical grade Dermaroller that produces thousands of micro needle columns in the skin. Your skin will be red for a day or two following the treatment, but it will recover quickly as it starts to regenerate and repair itself.

As part of the process, new collagen will be formed, new skin cells will be generated and the blood supply to your skin will be enhanced. Dermaroller treatments are generally repeated every few weeks, with most people receiving three to five treatments six weeks apart.

What is Indiba Radio Frequency Treatment?

A fourth acne scarring treatment option to consider is Indiba radio frequency therapy. This increasingly popular, pain-free skin rejuvenation treatment uses a regenerative radio frequency to increase the internal temperature of human tissue, regenerate cells and increase overall skin luminosity. Indiba treatments have produced some stunning results, and have rapidly become a popular choice with people looking for a non-invasive facial rejuvenation procedures.

What is included in the acne scarring treatment plan?

You will begin with a consultation with a therapist or cosmetic nurse, during which you will have a skin patch test and a chat about your treatment plan.

The treatments plans may include;- Obagi, laser therapy, chemical peels, skin care products, Dermaroller treatments, microdermabrasion and either colonic irrigation or Holistic Detox Massage.

Smoother skin is something many of us long for, and that is particularly so for people with acne scarring. The staff at La Belle Forme are all highly trained and very experienced when it comes to offering advice, and delivering the correct form of acne treatment to leave you feeling much happier and more confident about your appearance.

Comprehensive acne treatment plans

Acne treatments have advanced dramatically over the past few decades, and La Belle Forme clinic is at the forefront when it comes to utilising the latest and most effective methods to destroy acne-causing bacteria and solve the problem of this dreaded skin condition. Acne is often described as something that brings misery to the lives of millions of teenagers throughout the world, and while that is certainly true, acne is also the source of great unhappiness for increasing numbers of adults.

Does acne respond to blue light therapy?

Acne hates certain types of light, and blue light laser treatments have proved to be a massive success in combating acne. Blue light laser therapy has been clinically proven to destroy P. Acnes bacteria, the bacteria which cause spots.

Before a decision is made about the exact acne treatment path to follow, your face or body (usually back or chest area) will be scanned to determine precisely where and what the problems are. This means that you will receive the best acne treatments that are specifically developed to suit your condition and your skin.

Can lasers be used to treat acne?

In terms of laser treatments for acne, La Belle Forme uses the latest technology. Lasers heat the top layer of skin, and in the process, the P. Acnes bacteria is killed, collagen growth is encouraged and redness is reduced at the same time as lessening the production of oil by the sebaceous glands.

We use Harmony XL lasers to treat acne, and these highly advanced lasers have been shown to be very effective in rapidly destroying acne bacteria without damaging surrounding tissue. A course of eight treatments over a period of four weeks is able to produce effective results three times faster than pharmaceuticals, with the added bonus that it is painless and there are no adverse effects and no downtime required.

Are chemical peels good for your skin?

Chemical peels can also play a vital role in treating acne by exfoliating the skin and ensuring that dead skin cells and excess oil do not clog up hair follicles and skin pores. There are several different types of chemical peels, ranging from milder peels (known as superficial peels) to intermediate peels, to more intense, deep peels.

Chemical peels may not remove all your skin damage, but they will make you feel much fresher, and contribute to an overall advanced acne treatment package. The superficial peels are done with substances such as glycolic acid, and have a fairly quick recovery time. Intermediate peels are performed with trichloroacetic acid (TCA), and can be concentrated or diluted depending on your particular needs. Recovery time for intermediate peels is a little longer than for superficial peels, but the effects are more dramatic and generally last longer.

Deep peels were once common when clinics did not offer laser treatments for acne. Nowadays, laser resurfacing treatments have replaced deep peels. Lasers are safer and give consistent, predictable results, unlike some of the deeper skin peels from the past.

Acne can be a cause of embarrassment, discomfort and unhappiness, but solutions are at hand, and here at La Belle Forme you can rest assured that staff will apply all their knowledge and experience to ensuring that you are given the best possible range of treatments to combat your acne.

La Belle Forme’s acne treatment packages will result in dramatic improvements to the look and feel of your skin, with the result that your confidence and self-esteem will receive a much-needed boost.

What is the best treatment for acne scarring?

Depending on the type of severity of acne scarring, you may be offered Obagi, laser treatments, chemical peels, Dermaroller or Indiba radio frequency treatments. Each one of these acne scarring treatments has its particular strengths, and the staff at La Belle Forme will ensure that you are offered the correct treatment or combination of treatments for your specific needs and skin type.

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