After-care instructions following laser treatment.

All patients who have undergone laser treatment should read the aftercare instructions below.

Below is a list of what you may or may not experience after your Laser resurfacing treatment. Please note that not all patients see every reaction listed below. If you are concerned about any phase of the healing process, please contact your provider on 0141 552 0828.

First 24 Hours

• Skin will feel sunburn hot for up to one-hour post-treatment

• Pinpoint oozing can occur within 90 minutes of treatment – Most intense for first 4 hours post-treatment

• Significant erythema (redness) for 5 days post-treatment

• Possible swelling (varies by treatment or patient)

1 – 3 Days Post-Treatment

• Oedema (swelling) peaks at 2-3 days post-treatment

• Sleeping with head elevated may reduce swelling

• Significant erythema (redness) for 5 days post-treatment

• It is ok to wear mineral makeup only for first few days 3 – 5 Days Post-Treatment

• Oedema (swelling) will begin to subside

• Can persist longer for patients with prior facial surgery

• Significant erythema (redness) for 5 days post-treatment

• Some patients report itchiness and or peeling during this period, piriton can be taken to relieve itching.

5 – 7 Days Post-Treatment

• Mild erythema (redness) may persist for a few weeks (varies by patient)

• Peeling should subside by 5-7 days

• Okay to wear usual makeup now

When to call your provider

• Reoccurring Erythema (Redness)

• Persistent Edema (Swelling)

• Fever

• Intense itching (it is normal to feel itching after skin peels and lasers)

• Skin feels very itchy

• Rash or pustules (pimples)

• Cold sores (herpes) break out anywhere on the face