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Boob Job Advert Banned

An “irresponsible” boob job advert has been banned,by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), for being likely to cause harm to teenagers.

The television advert featured a 21-year-old fashion blogger, Sarah Ashcroft discussing her dislike of her body. ASA were particularly concerned with Ashcroft’s comments in the advert, believing that they rode roughshod over the current guidelines.

I never really looked at any part of my body past my neck because it wasn’t something I liked.
I feel like a new person, from having nothing to then looking at yourself with boobs, it was the weirdest thing. Everyone was like ‘Wow, they look so natural, I’m so impressed’.

And to come away from it feeling 10 times more confident than you were, I think, is just an amazing feeling. -Sarah Ashcroft

ASA said it was concerned that the advert’s focus on Ms Ashcroft’s negative perception of her body prior to surgery might encourage viewers, particularly young women and teenage girls, to think about their own insecurities and bodies.

The ASA said it believed viewers would infer that her popularity and success as a fashion blogger had been, in part, a result of cosmetic surgery, ruling that the advert must not appear again in its current form.

Although Ms Ashcroft’s was a personal story, we considered that the ad suggested more generally that success and popularity would be enhanced by achieving an idealised body image, which could be done by ‘correcting’ any perceived imperfections.

In light of those factors, we concluded that the ad was irresponsible and likely to cause harm to those under 18. – ASA Spokesperson.

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