Breast Enlargement

Breast Surgery with the Latest Technology Breast Implants

La Belle Form offers Breast Augmentation using the most technologically advanced implants supplied by Motiva, at the most competitive price and offering outstanding value for breast enlargement in Scotland.

We only use Motiva’s ProgressiveGel PLUS

  • With more than 30 years of advanced breast implant manufacturing experience, Motiva manufacture high quality breast implants which are FDA approved.
  • These implants are 100% filled, 100% ultra-soft and 100% form-stable, and are recognised as giving the most “natural feeling” breasts after surgery
  • Innovative Q Inside Safety Technology™, which is an approved RF ID Tag within each implant, with an unlimited lifespan that holds the information of the implant for verification and peace of mind which supports one of the best after care programs available.

Round Implants

Breast augmentation surgery with LBF round Motiva ProgressiveGel PLUS implants at locations in Glasgow, Stirling & Edinburgh. LBF also offers our patients a free Vectra 3D scan which provides an accurate image of how you might look after surgery based on the size and style of the implants being proposed. This equipment is available in our Glasgow Clinic and is one of only a few in the UK.

Highly Skilled Surgeons

We have 5 highly skilled surgeons with extensive experience in Breast Augmentation and they would be glad to see you for a, no-obligation, consultation.

Finance Packages

If you decide to go ahead we offer finance packages at a fantastic 12.9% APR, and the ability to repay your loan over a maximum of 48 months, so you could have the new breasts you want for £92.81 / month after an initial deposit of 10%. The exact details and financial illustrations please visit our website at Remember, your consultation fee (Taimur Shoaib consults aside) is deducted from the overal cost of your procedure.

Before and After

Below is a patient that has recently undergone breast enlargement surgery at La Belle Forme using round Motiva ProgressiveGel PLUS implants.

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If you want to choose Quality rather than the Average and Value over Cost then call us on 0141 552 0828 to book your consultation or complete our simple Enquiry Form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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