Pay by Direct Debit

Our customers asked us to provide different ways to pay for treatment. As a result, we now offer a subscription payment service. Payment is made by direct debit at a set monthly amount. This allows you to spread the cost of treatment over the course of a year.

For example, you’ve just had your lip enhancement treatment and want to save towards the next one. Simply complete the direct debit form and we take a regular monthly payment. By the time your next treatment is due you will have sufficient funds in your La Belle Forme account to cover the cost.

Think of it as a membership subscription. We currently have three levels of membership. Gold Silver and Bronze!

GoCardless Direct Debit

Subscription Levels

Subscription by direct debit is handled by GoCardless, The service is currently only available at our Glasgow Clinic.

Membership Levels

Simply choose the subscription service that best meets your annual treatment costs. Fill in the online form and we will do the rest.

copper subscription at La Belle Forme

Copper membership is set at £25 per month.

Bronze subscription

Bronze membership is set at £50 per month.

silver subscription

Silver membership is set at £75 per month.

gold subscription

Gold membership is set at £100 per month.

Information About Direct Debit

What is a Direct Debit mandate?

A mandate (also known as a “Direct Debit Instruction” or “Direct Debit Request”) is set up on a customer’s bank account when a Direct Debit is authorised for a specific merchant, usually via our online form. An active mandate needs to be in place before any Direct Debit payments can be collected.

How do I set up Direct Debit?

To set up a new Direct Debit to La Belle Forme via GoCardless click on your subscription choice above. This links to an online form.
Once you submit the completed form online, GoCardless will then initiate the process for your bank to set up a new Direct Debit Instruction (mandate) on your bank account. Once active, they will then be able to charge your account according to the payment parameters set for you by La Belle Forme.

I need more information

If you require more information on how GoCardless works – please view their FAQ page.