Exciting Opportunities for Theatre Staff in Glasgow’s Newest Day Case Surgical Hospital -Salary equivalent band 6 – 7 grades

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The Glasgow Day Surgery Centre (GDSC) is looking to recruit additional theatre staff to join its team as we continue to grow our business to meet the ever-increasing demands that we are seeing.

If you are enthusiastic and looking to work in a dynamic theatre environment with the opportunities to develop new skills and work with a team looking to set new standards in patient care, then we would love to talk to you.

GDSC is based in the centre of Glasgow ay 154 Clyde Street, and currently is the home to several of the countries leading cosmetic surgery providers, and the site has the capability to carry out procedures for several other surgical specialities.

Our theatre complex has patient admission rooms, theatre and dedicated recovery areas located in close proximity to provide the optimal patient flow, and our teams are multiskilled with an overview on the entire surgical patient journey with us.

Members of the team also have the ability to follow the patients through their entire care pathway, carrying out both pre-assessment and post-op wound care clinics and specialist training is provided for those wishing to do this.

If you are looking for a challenge, where no two days are the same; if you a looking for an opportunity to broaden and enhance your skills; and if you are looking for a break from the same old routine, then we would love to hear from you.

We are looking for applicants with skills as theatre nurses or ODPs with Scrub, Recovery and Aesthetic skills; Theatre HCA’s with experience of working in and around theatre; Nursing staff with pre-assessment and post-op wound care skills. If you fit any of the above categories, please contact us by emailing your CV to us at or send your CV to The Glasgow Day Surgery Centre, 154 Clyde Street, Glasgow, G1 4EX.

We offer very competitive salaries and benefits package in line with the applicant’s skills and experience, and we have an excellent training and support package covering both internal and external programmes.


The Roles and Skills

For anyone working in theatre as a Nurse, ODP or HCA level there are generic requirements and behaviours which are listed below and dependent on the skills level and experience of the individual there will be more specific responsibilities assigned. What we are looking for is committed and highly motivated team members who will help us drive the improvements that will make our services exceptional.

  • The ability to work collaboratively with the entire team, theatre manager/surgeons/ anaesthetists, and wider multidisciplinary team to ensure that quality standards and patient safety is to the highest standards
  • Participate as a scrubbed and/or circulating member of the team during surgical procedures as required and carry out the necessary safety checks as set out within the hospital’s SOPs.
  • During surgery and as required, assist the surgeon and anaesthetist, observe the patient’s condition, record required clinical observations and address any variances or issues that may arise during surgery. Non-technical skills such as situational awareness and anticipation are fundamental to all roles within theatre.
  • The duties will also include the preparation of, clearing and cleaning of the Theatre / Minor Ops Rooms in accordance with the daily operating list requirements and infection control policy. The cleaning and preparation of theatre equipment and instruments used for surgical procedures. Also, the management of instruments sent for sterilisation after use.
  • Due to the nature and size of the theatre complex within the hospital, part of the setups daily will be to prepare the patient admission and the recovery rooms to ensure sufficient supplies are available in line with the operating theatre lists.
  • Engage with the patient on arrival in the admissions area, putting the patient at ease and answering any questions or outstanding concerns the patient may have, ensuring the patient’s overall experience is in keeping with the hospital’s quality ethos.
  • As a member of the surgical team, participate in the assessment and implementation of patient care needs within the Surgical Department at every stage of the patient journey and ensure all patients are treated in a professional manner and that confidentiality is adhered to.
  • Ensure that agreed stock levels for consumables and drugs are maintained and consumption levels are monitored, and stock is utilised effectively. In particular, there will be a specific focus on the usage, reordering and reporting of implants as required by regulatory authorities.
  • During the recovery process, liaise with the patient’s relatives and companions keeping them up to date with the patient’s progress and recovery and likely discharge time.
  • At the end of each procedure, ensure that all documentation is present and complete and has been signed the relevant practitioners, thereafter the documents will be returned to the Hospital Administration Team for processing.


Pre-Assessment and Post Op Specifics

  • Work with the nominated surgeon and anaesthetist as required to ensure that any patients going forward for surgery have been suitably assessed and meet the surgical acceptance criteria of the hospital.
  • Ensure that appropriate pre-operative investigations are ordered and that abnormal findings are escalated to the appropriate clinician for review and resolution.
  • In the case of Pre-Assessment, tasks will include the cancellation of admissions of unsuitable patients and following up referrals and investigations required for more complex patients.
  • Ensure that patients who present for post-operative review are thoroughly assessed with a specific focus on the effective management of surgical wounds ensuring that these are healing in line with expectations.
  • In particular, attention must be paid to surgical site infection detection and intervention at as early a stage as is possible. In consultation with the patient’s nominated surgeon organise any medication recommended by the surgeon.
  • At the end of each assessment/review, ensure that all documentation required is present and complete, thereafter this will be uploaded to the Patient Admin System.