Facelift Surgery

Facelift Surgery

Typical signs of aging such as lines, wrinkles and loose skin no longer need to be an inevitable part of getting older. As our skin gradually loses its elasticity and our muscle start to slack, lines begin to deepen and the effects of the environment such as gravity and sun exposure can be seen in our faces – but this doesn’t have to be the case!

Many patients choose to reverse the signs of aging by opting for facelift surgery and it is one of the most commonly requested procedures by those that want to look as young as they feel. It works to remove or reduce skin that has lost its natural elasticity and as such, smooths the skin reducing lines and wrinkles to give a younger appearance.

Are you considering a facelift?

The rate at which we age varies from person to person and is generally determined by genetics alongside external factors such as our lifestyle and environment. Substantial weight loss can also produce facial changes that are similar to the effects caused by the aging process.

With facelift procedures becoming simpler, safer, and more affordable in recent years, many people are increasing their confidence and self-esteem by opting for a facelift (also known as a “rhytidectomy”). By raising and repositioning the skin and soft tissues of the face, the face is refreshed, rejuvenated and given a more youthful appearance.

Surgical Consultation

Performed under general anaesthetic, a facelift involves the careful removal of excess facial skin from the neck, chin and cheek areas. During a facelift, the skin and soft tissue of the face is raised and repositioned. Incisions are made at the sides in front of the ear, along the hairline and around behind the earlobe. Excess skin is removed, and the remaining skin is sewn into its new position. It is not regarded as a painful procedure and often considered more uncomfortable due to the ‘tight’ feeling. You can expect to be in hospital for 1 or 2 days and you may return to work once the stitches have been removed.

The Procedure

The first step to a new and more confident you is for us to carry out a full assessment of your current health, medical history and then assess the look you want to achieve. This starts with your initial consultation. Our consultation fees start from £50.

At your consultation, we will discuss your current health, medical history and the overall look you want to achieve. Patients will also have the opportunity to ask their surgeon as many questions as they like such as what’s involved in a facelift procedure and what are the recovery times.

Before and After

Below are before and after images of a patient who had undergone a facelift.

Face Lift Glasgow Before
Face Lift Glasgow After
Face Lift Edinburgh Before
Face Lift Edinburgh After


The cost for a facelift at La Belle Forme can be found on our prices page (Finance options also available)

Finance options

If you are looking to get a facelift but would prefer to spread the cost of surgery up to 4 years, please ask a member of our team for details.

Make an Enquiry

The first step to a new you is to get in touch. You can arrange for a Consultation with one of surgeons by simply completing our Enquiry Form or by calling 0141 552 0828 (Glasgow) or 0131 357 6910 (Edinburgh).


Complications and Side Effects

As with all operations, there are risks involved and it is important to understand the potential risks associated with facelift procedures. Minor bleeding is common while heavy bleeding is very rare but can be severe. Some patients experience pain for several weeks.

Facelift Recovery

You will likely be excited to reveal your new face, but it is essential to remember that complete results are not always immediate. Swelling and puffiness of the skin is normal and will subside around six weeks after surgery. Full results of your facelift are expected around six-nine months post-surgery. We recommend that patients avoid strenuous activity, saunas and massage for at least two weeks. If you experience some discomfort, this can be controlled with pain medicine.