My First Lip Filler Experience

Two weeks ago, I decided to go ahead and finally get lip fillers…

As a first-timer, I wanted to do my research on the treatment. Would it hurt? How much will it cost? To be honest, I’ve been thinking about getting my lips done for many months. So when the opportunity came up to do something about it, I jumped at the chance.

I spent the whole day thinking about what was going to happen. What would it be like? The day disappeared in a haze. What really scared me about the procedure was not the actual act of getting needles poked into my lips, but I had been told after that it would hurt- a lot.  I spent the day bracing for the aftermath of swelling and feeling like I had just been to the dentist for several hours.

Natasha lips before treatment La Belle Forme Natasha lips after treatment La Belle Forme

The moment came. I was ushered into an examination room, filled out a standard medical history and had a conversation with the Aesthetic Nurse, Laura Barnes. She sat me down and explained lip augmentation and how she would go about the procedure. Laura put me at ease, she understood I wanted the job to be natural but still noticeable (because why go through all that pain?), and she walked me through each step. After a few deep breath and nervous giggles, I was ready.

Laura applied numbing cream to my lips and ten or so ridiculously tingly minutes later, she was ready to start injecting. At this point, I couldn’t feel anything in my mouth region, so I was ready. She grabbed my bottom lip from the side, stuck the tiny needle in and began filling. So what does it feel like? Around the sides of my mouth, where I was super numb, it felt like nothing. Literally not a thing. I didn’t feel the needle puncturing, but what I could feel was the liquid filling my lips and the moulding and shaping of my lips.

Once I realised it didn’t hurt nearly as bad as I thought it would, I could finally relax. She handed me a mirror after inserting the last jab (right in the centre of my bottom lip, for super pout), I was quite red and a little swollen, but my lips looked awesome. Beyond awesome. My top lip had doubled in size and my bottom looked naturally full and pouty.  I noticed a slight upturn around the sides of my mouth, Laura pointed out my lips should settle into place within 1-2 days.

I got on the train home high on adrenaline, posing for a few selfies and checking mirrors on the way. I couldn’t believe I had finally done it. I couldn’t believe these lips belonged to me- bigger and better. After introducing my new lips to my family (my mum loved them), I tucked myself into bed, exhausted, but still giddy.

By the next morning I was relieved I didn’t have any noticeable bruising. By the end of day two, my lips were no longer swollen or painful to touch. They had settled, and I was thrilled with the results.