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What is La Belle Lash?

Eyelashes frame and enhance a woman’s eyes, accentuating the whites of the eye. They also protect your eyes from wind and flying objects both large and small, but a woman puts more emphasis on what they do to make her eyes – and her – more attractive. For many years women have invested hours in putting on eye make and mascara was normally the finishing touch to give them that confident look and feel.

With our Eye Lash Growth treatment, you can have longer and thicker eyelashes without going too heavy on the mascara, to give a more natural appearance to your lashes.

With La Belle Lashes, your eyelashes will steadily grow longer and thicker, and you should be able to see the difference after as little as 2-3 weeks with the full effect being visible at around 8 weeks.

The Benefits

  • You can expect significantly longer thicker and darker eyelashes.
  • You are likely to see more eyelashes grow as a result of treatment
  • If you have been a regular user of eyelash extensions, you may have lost some eyelashes whilst using these and these missing lashes are likely to grow back.
  • You may find you need to apply less eye make-up, especially mascara.
  • Eyelashes lost due to other medical conditions such as hypotrichosis may also grow back.

What to expect?

What is key in ensuring that you have a successful outcome with any eyelash treatment is that you seek the best advice from suitably qualified and trained personnel. As with any treatment at our clinic, at consultation we will do a comprehensive review of your health history when you come to see us, especially your eye health. At that point we can decide if you are suitable for this treatment as the serum that we use is a prescription medication and it will not be suitable for everyone.

What is Lumigan?

La Belle Lash treatment uses a topical eyelash serum applied to the root of the lashes to encourage longer, thicker and darker lash growth. The serum we use is known as Lumigan which is a prescription product from Allergan. Lumigan is a brand name for Bimatoprost, a medication which has FDA approval for the treatment of hypotrichosis, which is a medical term for short or missing lashes.

Lumigan is believed to affect the growth (anagen) phase of the eyelash hair cycle, by increasing the length of the growth phase and increasing the number of hairs along the eyelid margin. Lumigan works by making the lashes longer, thicker and darker in colour.

Your treatment plan

If you commence treatment with us you will receive a three-month kit (issued on a monthly basis) which contains 30 daily pipet vials and 30 micro applicators which will allow you to apply the serum on a daily basis.

After nightly application of the serum, the onset of action is gradual with most users seeing a significant improvement in the length and number of lashes within 2 months of commencing use.

If the use of Lumigan is discontinued, then the eyelashes and eyelids will return to their pre-treatment appearance over several weeks to months (usually around 8 weeks).

Side effects

Although rare, side effects can and do occur. Around 4% of users report eye irritation and/or redness, and sometimes the symptoms of dry eye. Due to Lumigan’s potential to make your lashes darker, there is also the potential for Lumigan to permanently increase the brown pigmentation of the iris (coloured part of the eyeball, inside the eye). In order to prevent this, it is especially important that you do not drop the solution directly into your eye like a normal eyedrop. You must use the applicators provided with your Lumigan to paint a thin layer of the solution along your lash line (like an eyeliner) every evening. Thanks to this direction, this side effect is extremely rare.

Patients should note that Lumigan is being used to treat this condition and as such is being used off licence as it is not officially approved by the MHRA in the UK for this indication.

Before and After

Below is a patient who underwent eyelash enhancement treatment.

La Belle Lash Eyelash Enhancement

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