Meet the team

Our highly-trained team of cosmetic surgeons, doctors, nurses, aestheticians and support staff are friendly, approachable and most of all, fully-trained to offer reassurance and information to our patients.

When building our team, we seek specific personality traits that align with our beliefs as a brand. Training can be delivered to ensure our team is knowledgeable however, the ability to work collaboratively, communicate effectively and the level of dedication to patient safety and customer service is not something that can be taught. Our team are devoted to patient safety and satisfaction, so much so that many of them have gone out of their way to ensure we deliver the highest possible service.

To find out more about each member of our team and how their skills can help enhance your natural beauty, click their photo below.

La Belle Forme Top UK Surgical and Aesthetic Clinic

Our Surgeons

Top UK Surgeons

At La Belle Forme we have some of the best cosmetic doctors in the UK. Our patients often say we have the best facelift surgeons or the best breast surgeons in the UK. More often as not they say our plastic surgeons are the best nose job surgeons in the UK.

You can find out more about our top UK Plastic Surgeons below.

Taimur Shoaib

Consultant Plastic Surgeon

Brentwood, Glasgow, London

Richard Clark

Consultant Plastic Surgeon


Parkash Lohana

Consultant Plastic Surgeon


Jim McCaul

Consultant Plastic Surgeon


Our Glasgow Team

David Snape

Operations Director

David Farrell-Shaw

IT and Web Services Manager

Gemma Maguire

Quality Manager - IG Lead

Natalie Yeaman

Patient Services Manager

Claire Gordon

Office Administrator

Felicity Sweeney

Aesthetic Nurse Prescriber

Fiona Gibson

Aesthetic Nurse

Gilly Baird


Gayle Johnstone

Patient Care Coordinator

Roslyn Wilson

Health Care Support

Nicola Gordon

Patient Care Coordinator

Courteney McNamee

Patient Care Coordinator

Lily Dale


Megan McFarlane

Patient Care Coordinator

Mara Cassidy


Our Brentwood Team

Melania Cureu

Melania Cureu

Clinic Manager

Amy Robinson

Cosmetic Nurse Specialist

Dr Francesca Reeder