Online Consultations

online consultations at la belle forme

La Belle Forme continues to be at the forefront of our patient centred approach to helping our customers clients and patients. With this in mind, we have formally launched our online consultation programme to help our out-of-town patients and those who wish to limit travel, close contact for health reasons or simply because you’re a busy person and although you’d love to come and see us, it’s not so easy for you these days. We are the first clinic in Scotland to offer this service and have been performing online consultations for a while, but we’ve formally launched it in light of the coronavirus situation.

If you would like an online consultation, simply tell us during your appointment booking. We’ll set it all up for you. You’ll receive an email inviting you to an online “meeting”. Just log in when your appointment is due and we can take it from there. You can use a phone, tablet or computer for your online consultation with us.

An online consultation never replaces a face to face consultation because it’s not so easy for a surgeon to examine you. Sometimes the light or the sound isn’t great either, so the online consultation is a supplement to a face to face consultation. Sometimes you’ll have logged on and there’s a problem – so please contact us if you’re stuck on the actual day and time of the consultation. Give us a call, send us an email or instant message and let us know.

We use Zoom for our video conferencing and you might have to download an app or computer software. Zoom have produced a short video to help you. Just because you’re not close to us, it doesn’t mean to say we can no longer communicate with each other.

We use Zoom video conferencing for your online consultation

Here’s how it works – please watch the Zoom instructional video