Our Signature ProTight Facial

Introducing our new ProTight facial treatment exclusively available at our La Belle Forme, Brentwood and Newton Mearns clinics. 

Do you want glowing skin with a youthful appearance? Well, now you can achieve this! This two-step treatment combines our must-have Profacial with the innovative Indiba skin tightening device. Giving you everything your skin needs in one treatment to leave your skin looking and feeling amazing. All of this in an hour! Fabulous!

What is Profacial?

This is our deep cleansing facial – this treatment is perfect is for all skin concerns and skin types. The treatment uses glycolic, salicylic, hyaluronic acid, peptides and antioxidants. These vital ingredients use chemical exfoliation to remove dead skin and debris leaving the skin smooth and clean. It also helps with oil control reducing breakouts, blemishes and scarring. perfect for those acne prone and oily skin types. Whilst the antioxidants and peptides which not only protect skin from damage and prevent from further ageing whilst hydrating.  Leaving the skin looking fresh and with a beautiful glow.

What is Indiba?

Indiba uses a unique technology of radio frequency using two application modes to rebalance the cells in the body to make them function normally, this increases the production of collagen and elastin cells restoring skin health leaving skin looking younger and healthier. This treatment is perfect for the reduction of lines and wrinkles and tightens skin on the face and neck, it works wonders on the crow’s feet and saggy jowls! leaving the skin looking fuller and firmer. It is perfect to slow down the ageing process. Increases skin elasticity, hydration and luminosity. The treatment helps with circulation, detoxifies the skin, tissue and cell oxygenation and drainage. So brilliant for that under eye puffiness.!  Not only does it help enhance your beauty on the outside.  The experience is relaxing and calming giving you a sense of inner well- being leaving you feeling beautiful from the inside out.

Our ProTight is a non-invasive alternative treatment to surgery or injectables which offers your visible and long-lasting results if your just looking for a one off treatment in preparation for an event or you just want a boost then this treatment is for you as results are instant!

To achieve the best results, we would recommend regular treatments which will help maintain skin rejuvenation. Leaving you looking and feeling younger for longer! At La Belle Forme we would like to invite you to try the unique and unforgettable experience of ProTight. Pop into our Brentwood or Newton Mearns clinic or contact us for more information.

Written by Georgia Leo, Aesthetic Practitioner at La Belle Forme, Brentwood

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