Permalip Implants

As an innovative method of lip enhancement, Permalip is a silicone implant that gives effective, permanent yet reversible plumping effects. Permalip serves as an equally safe and effective alternative to injections, which dissolve within a 6-9 months. The implants are made of tapered soft silicone that we fit to your individual features to give you your desired results. The procedure is performed within an hour under local anaesthetic.

Permalip implants can be used to restore the youthful prominence of the lip shape that we begin to see with age, add volume to the lips, reduce sagging and drooping, and ease deeper wrinkles on the lips to give a smoother and more plump effect.

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Would you prefer a more permanent option to lip fillers?

The procedure involves inserting the flexible Permalip implants into the lips through the corners of the mouth, giving natural enhancement to the shape of your lips. Your practitioner will examine your facial structure prior to the procedure to establish which of the 9 sizes of Permalip implants will suit you and your needs. The Permalip implant is adjusted to sit in the centre of the lips before the incisions are sealed with absorbable sutures. Permalip is designed expertly so that it cannot leak, rupture, degrade or deflate inside the lip. The coating on the surface of the implant prevents the silicone from coming in contact with your body, it prevents excess scar tissue and it prevents tissue in-growth. The malleable nature of the Permalip implants means that the implants will conform and move with your lips naturally and untraceably.


If you’re considering a Permalip implants it’s important to be aware of the key facts involved with this procedure

  • Procedure Time: Approx. 1 hour
  • Anaesthesia Used: Local Anaesthetic
  • Time Off Work: 7 days off work
  • Recovery Time: 7-14 Recovery
  • Discharged: Day Case Procedure

The benefit of Permalip implants

One of the main benefits of Permalip is that it inherently combats the major limitations of temporary lip enhancement. However, despite its permanency, a huge comfort about the Permalip procedure is that it is entirely reversible. The smooth exterior of the Permalip implant means that it is easily removed, so the procedure can be reversed or altered to achieve smaller or larger enhancement should you choose to do so.

Permalip is available in our  Glasgow and Sevenoaks clinic exclusively through Mr Shoaib, the only plastic surgeon in Scotland who offers Permalip. We offer Permalip at the price of £2295 for two Permalip implants and the initial consultation fee.

At La Belle Forme we only use the highest quality products. With the extensive research behind the revolutionary Permalip implants and our own expertise, we have the skillset to offer you the most long-lasting and effective results, naturally enhancing your facial structure and restoring your confidence. If you wish to spread the cost of your treatment, ask your practitioner about starting a payment plan that allows you to regularly save with us.

Benefits of Permalip Implants include:

  • Permanently enhanced lip shape
  • Restoration of youthful plumpness to lips
  • Permalip may be more cost effective than temporary lip fillers in the long run
  • Predictable results as you can choose the size of your Permalip implant
  • Natural anti-ageing results, as Permalip implants restore vitality to your facial features

Permalip recovery time 

Here is what you can expect following your procedure:


24 hours

Immediately following the procedure you should expect to see swelling and bruising, and your lips may feel numb as a result of the local anaesthetic used during the procedure. This may make it cause discomfort as it will be difficult to speak, eat, drink and smile for a short while. You should avoid massaging your lips and rest for the first day of recovery. Anti-biotics and anti-viral medication may be prescribed to avoid any infections, as well as regular cleaning of the incisions.

7 days

Bruising will subside within a week of the procedure. To reduce swelling you should sleep with your head elevated with pillows and avoid sleeping face down, bending over and heavy lifting for 3-4 days

14 days

Within two weeks your lips will become less sensitive to pressure though you should continue to keep your lips moisturized for the next few weeks. Stretching exercises may be performed for the next few months to aid in healing. Most swelling and bruising should subside. You will also be able to resume exercise and smoking.

Permalip FAQs 

When will I see results?

You should expect to see swelling and redness for 3-4 days following the procedure, and bruising for up to a week. The healing process lasts 2-3 months as the Permalip implants adjust to your lips.

What are the risks?

Risks include scarring at the corner of the mouth (though these should fade over time), and infection, which is a higher risk if you are prone to cold sores. Anti-biotics and anti-viral medication will be taken to avoid potential infection.

Will it hurt?

We perform the procedure under local anaesthetic, so whilst the injections for the anaesthetic may be slightly painful the actual procedure won’t hurt, as your lips will be entirely numb.

How long does it last?

Results from Permalip implants are permanent, however they can be removed entirely or removed to be resized whenever you want.

How much does it cost?

The procedure starts from £2295 for two Permalip implants

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