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Skin and Body Clinic is Now La Belle Forme

The Skin and Body Clinic was bought over by the La Belle Forme Group. La Belle Forme, under consultant plastic surgeon Taimur Shoaib, purchased the clinics in November 2015. The clinics in Sevenoaks and Brentwood are now called La Belle Forme. The purchase means that customers, of the former Skin and Body Clinic Sevenoaks and Brentwood, will have access to a wider range of treatments and surgical services. In effect both the clinics are now cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medical clinics.

La Belle Forme owner Taimur Shaoib said “We are delighted to have acquired these award winning clinics and look forward to making them even better in the years ahead. Clients will now have access to world leading surgeons and therapists in addition to innovative aesthetic treatments.”

The Skin and Body Clinic won many industry awards and will continue to do so under the La Belle Forme brand. La Belle Forme’s owner Mr Taimur Shoaib was recently named Cosmetic Surgeon of the Year 2018 and The Most Influential Practitioner in Scotland in 2018. La Belle Forme won the Best Clinic Group in the UK in 2017, The Best Clinic in Scotland in 2016 and 2015. Mr Shoaib won Best Surgeon in Scotland in 2017 and 2016. In addition to being multi award winning, La Belle Forme has the backup of specialist doctor expertise, a team of senior managers, the opportunity for larger group training and team building which will enhance the client and staff experience at Brentwood and Sevenoaks

The Skin and Body Clinic were sold to La Belle Forme in November 2015. Both clinics continued under their original branding until July 2018. The Skin and Body Clinic was founded by Dr Johanna Ward, a GP and Cosmetic Doctor, and Peter Ward who is also a founder of The Skin and Body Clinic in Brentwood and Sevenoaks.