Stirling Price List

Our Stirling price list for cosmetic surgery and aesthetic treatments are listed below. If you don’t see the price you’re looking for, please contact us and we can let you have an idea of the costs involved.

We have a very competitive pricing structure for our services, the prices below are a guide to our treatment costs. We will individualise a package for you after a consultation.

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Treatment prices do not include consultation fee. Please note the consultation determines suitability for treatment.

Hospital Surgical Procedures

These treatments are all carried out under general anaesthetic.
Note that price may be altered by hospital on occasion.


Surgical ProcedureLength of StayPrice
Breast augmentation and full mastopexy (Round Implant)1 Night £6,995
Breast augmentation and full mastopexy (Round Implant)Daycase £6,995
Breast Augmentation: Fat Transfer TypeDaycase £5,500
Breast Augmentation: Fat Transfer Type1 Night £5,500
Breast Augmentation: Implant Exchange - Round Implants1 Night £4,950
Breast Augmentation: Implant Exchange - Round ImplantsDaycase £4,950
Breast Augmentation: Implant Exchange - Teardrop Implants1 Night £5,250
Breast Augmentation: Implant Exchange - Teardrop ImplantsDaycase £5,250
Breast Augmentation: Standard round implantDaycase £3,899
Breast Augmentation: Standard round implant1 Night £3,899
Breast Augmentation: TeardropDaycase £5,100
Breast Augmentation: Teardrop1 Night £5,100
Breast Reduction1 Night £5,995
Breast ReductionDaycase £5,995
MastopexyDaycase £5,700
Mastopexy1 Night £5,700


Surgical ProcedureLength of StayPrice
Blepharoplasty lowerDaycase£3,850
Blepharoplasty UpperDaycase£2,495
Blepharoplasty UpperDaycase£3,495
Blepharoplasty: Upper & Lower1 Night£4,995
Blepharoplasty: Upper & LowerDaycase£4,795
Blepharoplasty - Malar Bag Excision - BilateralDaycase£3,195
Blepharoplasty - Malar Bag Excision - BilateralDaycase£3,495
Brow lift (either open or endoscopic)1 Night£5,995
Brow lift (either open or endoscopic)Day Case£5,495
Brow lift using Endotine Anchors1 Night£7,195
Brow lift using Endotine AnchorsDay Case£6,695
Buccal Fat Pad ReductionDay Case£3,395
Cheek Augmentation (with Implants)1 Night£5,295
Chin Augmentation (with Implants)Daycase£4,995
Cheek Augmentation (with Implants)Daycase£4,995
Chin Augmentation (with Implants)Daycase£5,495
Chin Reshaping (Genioplasty)Daycase£4,495
Chin Reshaping (Genioplasty)1 Night£4,995
CO2 Laser Resurfacing - Full face or Neck (Surgeon)Daycase£2,175
CO2 Laser Resurfacing - Small Area (Surgeon)Daycase£925
CO2 Laser Resurfacing - TS EyeliftDaycase£1,200
CO2 Laser Resurfacing - Upper Lip (Surgeon)Daycase£925
Ear Correction (Otoplasty) bilateral - General / SedationDaycase£4,300
Ear Correction (Otoplasty) bilateralDaycase£3,300
Ear Correction (Otoplasty) bilateral - General / Sedation1 Night£4,300
Ear Correction (Otoplasty) unilateral -General / SedationDaycase£4,300
Ear Correction (Otoplasty) unilateralDaycase£3,300
Ear Correction (Otoplasty) unilateral - General / Sedation1 Night£4,300
Earfold biltaeral Four ImplantsDaycase£7,345
Earfold biltaeral Three ImplantsDaycase£6,345
Earfold biltaeral Two ImplantsDaycase£5,345
Earlobe Repair (Split) - BilateralDaycase£1,295
Earlobe Repair (Split) - UnilateralDaycase£995
Earlobe Repair (Stretched) - BilateralDaycase£1,495
Earlobe Repair (Stretched) - UnilateralDaycase£1,195
Earlobe Repair (Tribal) - UnilateralDaycase£1,495
Earlobe Repair (Tribal) - BilateralDaycase£1,995
Earlobe Reduction - UnilateralDaycase£1,495
Earlobe Reduction - BilateralDaycase£1,995
Facelift1 Night£6,495
Facelift (FL) including neck lift2 Night£8,695
Facelift (Mini MACS )1 Night£5,995
Facelift (Mini MACS)Daycase£5,695
Facelift (Mini MACS) w LiposuctionDaycase£6,495
Fat Transfer Minor1 Night£3,800
Fat Transfer MinorDaycase£2,695
Fat Transfer (To Face)Daycase£4,295
Otoplasty BilateralDaycase£4,800
Otoplasty BilateralDaycase£4,300
Otoplasty Bilateral1 Night£5,300
Otoplasty UniilateralDaycase£4,300
Otoplasty UniilateralDaycase£3,700
Otoplasty Uniilateral1 Night£4,800
Neck Lift (As a Stand-alone Procedure)Daycase£4,995
Rhinoplasty1 Night£6,995
Rhinoplasty - Septo1 Night£6,995
Rhinoplasty - SeptoDaycase£6,995
Rhinoplasty - Tip Adjustment / Alar BaseDaycase£3,900
Rhinoplasty - Tip Adjustment / Alar BaseDaycase£3,700


Consultation TypePrice
INITIAL SURGEON CONSULTATION -Taimur Shoaib (Non Refundable)£120
INITIAL SURGEON CONSULTATION - all other surgeons£50
FOLLOW UP SURGEON CONSULTATION (Harley Street) 30 mins£150


Surgical ProcedureLength of StayPrice
Abdominoplasty1 Night £6,450
Abdominoplasty - Complex Body Lift Type 5 Night StayDaycase £8,995
Abdominoplasty - Complex - Fleur de Lys3 Nights £8,695
Abdominoplasty - MiniDaycase £4,495
Abdominoplasty Mini with LiposuctionDaycase£5,495
Abdominoplasty Mini with Liposuction1 Night £5,995


Surgical ProcedureLength of StayPrice
Liposuction - small areaDaycase£2,395
Liposuction - 1 areaDaycase £2,595
Liposuction - 1 area1 Night £3,495
Liposuction - 1 areaDaycase £3,095
Liposuction - 2 areaDaycase £3,295
Liposuction - 2 area1 Night £4,295
Liposuction - 2 areaDaycase £3,895
Liposuction - 3 area1 Night £5,095
Liposuction - 3 areaDaycase £4,695
Liposuction - 4 area1 Night £5,895
Liposuction - 4 areaDaycase £5,495
Liposuction - 5 area1 Night £6,695
Liposuction - 5 areaDaycase £6,295
Vaser 1 areaDaycase £2,795
Vaser 1 areaDaycase£3,295
Vaser 1 area1 Night £3,695
Vaser 2 areas1 Night £4,495
Vaser 2 areasDaycase £4,095
Vaser 3 areas1 Night £5,295
Vaser 3 areasDaycase £4,895
Vaser 4 areas1 Night £6,095
Vaser 4 areasDaycase £5,695
Vaser 5 areas1 Night £6,895
Vaser 5 areasDaycase £6,495
Vaser - ArmsDaycase £4,495
Vaser - NeckDaycase £4,095
Vaser - Chest (Gynaecomastia)Daycase £4,595
Vaser - Abdomen1 Night £5,195
Vaser - AbdomenDaycase£4,895
Vaser - Thigh1 Night £5,195
Vaser - ThighDaycase£4,895
Vaser - Other (Price From)Daycase £2,495
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