Cosmetic Surgery: The Face

La Belle Forme has a wide range of treatments available for the face.

For most people your face ‘is’ you. We can help you improve the look of your face using our state-of-the-art treatments. Book an appointment now and take that first step to a potential new face and a new you.

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la belle forme lasers
Brow Lifting
Cheek Reduction
la belle forme lasers
Cheekbone Enlargement
Chin Reshaping Surgery
Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)
Facial Aesthetics
Facial Plastic Surgery
Facial Rejuvenation
Indiba Wrinkle & Fine Line Reduction
Nose Reshaping
PermaLip Implants and Lip Plumping
Prominent Ear Correction
Skin Tightening
Split Earlobes
Vampire Facelifts
Vampire Facelifts FAQs