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Top Cosmetic Surgeon Warns Against Getting Botox and Fillers at Superdrug

Top cosmetic surgeon Taimur Shoaib spoke out this week, on reports that high street chain Superdrug, is to offer Botox and Dermal Filler treatments in some London based stores.

dermal fillers at UK top clinic La Belle FormeThe UK Cosmetic Surgeon of the year and founder of the La Belle Forme clinic, called the plans ‘a recipe for disaster’.
Speaking to reporters at his La Belle Forme HQ in Glasgow, Mr Shoaib said ‘Treatments such as Botox and fillers are medical and should be performed in a medical clinic, not a high street pharmacy. The complications of fillers can be quite dangerous and the risks include blindness. ‘Thankfully, these things are rare but when they are threatened, it requires extensive knowledge, experience and skills to recognise and treat. ‘In the speciality of cosmetic medicine, we want to drive quality standards high. We don’t want there to be a race to the bottom of quality.’

Whilst La Belle Forme pride themselves in providing a high standard of care and technical ability, not all providers do so. Mr Shaoib fears that the high street move might see a reduction in standards and real threats to patient safety.
He warned that customers might end up spending even more money if they opt for a cheap procedure that ends up going wrong. ‘We are seeing an increasing number of people coming to us, usually younger women who have had their lips done with complications associated with fillers performed in cheaper places,’ he explains. ‘They end up spending far more money just to fix the complications.’

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La Belle Forme is a multi award winning cosmetic medical and surgical clinic which clinics located in Brentwood, Sevenoaks, Glasgow city centre and Newton Mearns. The clinic group was awarded Best Clinic Group in the UK 2017, Best Clinic in Scotland 2017 and 2016.  Mr Taimur Shoaib is a multi award winning plastic surgeon and was awarded Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Britain 2018, Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Scotland 2017 and 2015.

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